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Tumbling Anodized Niobium

Do you, and if so, what do you use?


I've only tried a couple of batches and had mixed results. One batch was tumbled with stainless steel shot for 4 hours before the colour started to fade. Rings from another supplier couldn't be tumbled for 5 minutes before the colour went.


I took delivery of some crushed walnut shell and crushed corn (impregnated with polish) this afternoon. I'm on the second hour with the walnut with no fade. A couple of questions spring to mind:

Do I need to put anything in with the walnut?

Do you think the polish on the corn will strip the colour?


This is all with a rotary tumbler by the way. 

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  • Thanks, Karen.  The answer to your question is in a couple of posts at the beginning of this thread - it's a long, involved one, but pretty detailed, so I didn't want to repeat again whats already been said.

  • by the way... the rings I purchased from you were incredible Titania.

  • I have been playing with some different metals to bring my customers with metal allergies some alternatives that are reasonable in price.  I have been making some bracelets in stainless steel which is not pleasant to work with.  Recently I tried niobium.  I love how easy the metal is to work with and the colors.  I have been pairing it with the stainless steel and love the affect.  Recently I noticed that the colored niobium rings I used on my bracelet had changed color ( appeared faded to me).  I have a lot of problems with metals myself and wondered if this is what is causing the color change.  Have you heard of this happening? 

  • I've only been here a couple of weeks so all I can do is say it how I see it. Titania and Rick seem happy to be judged on what they do and not just what they say, and that's made me a happy customer.


    Don't worry about going off topic - I'm a master at it. Ding ding, round two anyone :)

  • Thanks everyone, for the support, but let's consider the subject moot at this point.  We and our customers are very happy with the rings we produce - it's our process, we worked long and hard to get there, so it really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks... let's move on!

    We managed to de-rail Lesley's thread... back to tumbling questions!

  • *comes in waving hands like a ninja* lets just everyone take a deep breath here ......inhale .....exhale .......  ok

     There is no question about the quality of Chainweavers rings, their reputation clearly speaks for itself.

    in defense of AffinityofMist  he or she is stating a widely accepted philosophy that a blade may be on its last legs if it is giving you tons of burs from hell .. that being said,  I never have burs on my stainless, because I am a sicko ans hand saw my stainless by hand with a 4/0 blade (yes I really do hate myself) ... I am however not in a the business of making money off of selling those rings to anyone, so who cares if it takes me 200 blades and 600 hours to make enough rings for a bracelet. it is all really a question of a final calculation

    Chainweavers blade is likely specially designed to be able to processvery large quanities of Nio without having to be changed (after all if they spend all their time changing/replacing blades, our final price goes up) the small burs that form, are then tumbled away (plus secret process) , after all, a tumbler needs to be checked on at intervals,  but does not need to be watched constantly,  not only do chainweavers pass this savings on to the client, they also take some of that free time to help  people in the mailling community.


  • I agree with Wench.  Titania and Rick are knowledgable and work hard to maintiain the quality of their rings. They go above and beyond with any questions or concerns their customers may have.  I am a truly satisfied customer.
  • Seconding Wench on this!
  • Thank you Wench!
  • Quite frankly, whether it takes hours, days, weeks, or months... Titania and Rick produce some of the best rings in the business... with really good prices and excellent service.... however they get there.
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