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April 2011 weave challenge: Viper Basket

There was a flurry of pics of this little cutie popping up recently, let's see if we can propagate it a little further.

here's a Tut:

and don't forget to post some pics when you get it!

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  • It is still there try the hyper link at the top of the original post, could be some site maintenance was happening, but it is there, I just checked it :)

  • The tut disappeared! I have the tut from M.A.I.L. Artisans for Orbitol Viper Berus and a Variation. I'm having difficutly figuring the correct size rings to a bracelet. And the rings/inch.What about ring sizes for square wire rings? 

  • I love the way this looks! Will have to go to the gallery now...
  • Debbie, it's actually a 2x2 chain of smaller rings...  then you weave the larger rings in through every other pair.  So, the first large ring would go through pair (or link) 1 and 3, the second through 2 and 4, and so on...


  • oh!!!! i'll try.
  • its actually just a 2-2-2-2-2 chain and not double spiral
  • do you first do a double spiral and then add the larger rings?  I am confused.
  • Hi Titania,

    well that explains why I can't find any instructions. They do have a lot of other tutorials on here, so I will be busy. And thanks to all of you who have posted these tutorials. :)




    Titania (ChainWeavers) said:

    Hello Joan - and welcome!

    Viper Basket is a brand new weave and we have no written tutorial yet.  I'm sure that someone is working on one, but we have tons of other tuts to play with while you wait for that one...

  • Well, I appreciate it anyway. I have searched the internet, and it appears as though there is no tutorial on this weave out there.

    IMO, it is a weave that I am unable to figure out just by photos of the finished piece. That's ok- I will work on other weaves and perhaps when/if I become more adept at maille, I can tackle that one.



  • Hiya Joan!, welcome aboard. The link in this thread is a tutorial of sorts. There are clear pics and basic instructions at the top on how to assemble it.  The challenge is to use the information given and figure out how it goes together. perhaps I should have called it a clue instead of a tutorial. :) 


    I don't think I've seen a step-by-step tut for this one anywhere, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

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