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Looking for a pattern

A friend has asked me to make a chain maille head dress for her.  She wants netting on the top, a band around her head, then netting and beads to form a veil.  Does anyone know where I can find a pattern for a piece like this?  It is not being done…

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Left handers

Hi me again, I am new here and to chain maille. I have only made one weave from a magazine and I got the bug from that. I am trying the Byzantine weave one of the easiest I believe, but being left handed I am having such trouble. I am following the…

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"Hi Beth, I'd suggest browsing our Gallery, by typing "headdress" in the search box at the left on t…"
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A friend has asked me to make a chain maille head dress for her.  She wants netting on the top, a b…
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  • Hi everyone I just started working with maille a few days ago and am having trouble finding the right size jump rings I need to make a wallet chain for my boyfriend for Christmas. I know i want to use 14 gauge stainless steel...YES I know it will be hard to work with but my boyfriend puts everything through hell so I need it to basically be bulletproof. My question is what ID do I need for that gauge to keep the AR between 3.2 to 4.2? Thanks in advance!
    • Hi Tiffany! Start with determining what gauge measurement your rings' vendor is using: AWG or SWG. It's most likely the latter but don't take my word on it: measure your wire or contact your vendor. You can also use this chart: to help. From there you can reverse calculate the AR you want. Look here: and scroll down to "chainmaille in general" which describes how to calculate, and reverse-calculate, Aspect Ratio. The thing is, the only way to be accurate is to measure your wire's ID. Let us know if you need more help! Celeste
      • Ok thank you so much. I am just starting out so at this point I don't have a specific vendor. Just trying to find the best price for the gauge and material I need to use. Thanks so much for your help Celeste!
  • A little more info I saw over there.
    I have never been active on that forum, so I don't know as much as someone who is active over there, but I hope that gives you idea of where to start. Maybe ask some of the people who are in one of the threads I pointed to if anyone is messing with it these days. Good luck!
  • I haven't seen mention of the Chainmaille Book Project in many years, Debbie. The only real info that popped up on a Google Search was this post on M.A.I.L. from 2007:
    So I am guessing it probably didn't get finished. (Tho that's just a guess.) I would ask on the forum over at M.A.I.L. if you are very interested. This forum is not frequented by very many people these days.
  • How do you join the The Chainmaille Book Project? Thanks
  • I haven't picked up my pliers since October, but now I'm back.
    Depression sucks, in case you didn't know that already.
    • Sorry to hear it, David... it really does suck. Hope you're feeling better and getting back to mailling helps. Welcome back, looking forward to your pics.
  • Tried to add photos on my page. All I managed to do was delete my profile photo. Suggestions?
    • Debbie, it looks like you're still here! Everything ok at your end now?
This reply was deleted.



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