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Left handers

Hi me again, I am new here and to chain maille. I have only made one weave from a magazine and I got the bug from that. I am trying the Byzantine weave one of the easiest I believe, but being left handed I am having such trouble. I am following the…

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9 Replies · Reply by Judy Aug 1

Maille Necktie

I'm making ties for my 3 grown boys, and I use the term "grown" loosely LOL. They will have a faux knot at the top and a small chain for around the collar. My question is how long should the tie be from neck to bottom for guys that are 6' 2ish? I…

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1 Reply · Reply by Judy Jul 22

Jump ring sizing help

Hi I'm new here and new to chain maille and always have trouble with jump ring sizes. I have just googled AR and I think I know how to convert the jump ring to find the AR. BUT.... When I see the AR 5.2 for example, how do I reverse engineer to find…

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11 Replies · Reply by Titania Jul 26
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  • How do you join the The Chainmaille Book Project? Thanks
  • I haven't picked up my pliers since October, but now I'm back.
    Depression sucks, in case you didn't know that already.
  • Tried to add photos on my page. All I managed to do was delete my profile photo. Suggestions?
  • New here, still trying to find my way around. HI!
    • Hi Alissa! Have fun -- and do ask if you need help!
  • Coming back after a long absence. Its good to be back
    • Great to have you back, Clancy!
  • Hello everyone :). I guess I am the newest member. Glad to be here :)
    • Glad to have you, Tiana.
  • I'm having trouble getting into the weave tutorials. It wants me to join first. What am I doing wrong?
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