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"Thank you Mike. I am excited to explore the site."
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"Welcome to MWW, Erdei!"
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"Welcome to MWW, John!"
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"thanks Patti"
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"Welcome to MWW, Marra!"
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Judy replied to Mishelle B's discussion Ning and MaillersWorldwide Upgrade
"Thanks for keeping us posted :)"
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"Thanks, Mishelle - I'm looking forward to learning something new!"
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  • I could totally do that Mike, if it can wait til I am done with Finals next week (I am a college student). I love the idea! I could slap all that info into Excel and it would sort alpha for me :) So unless someone gets to it before I can, count me in! <3
  • I have a suggestion. We could make a sidebar menu of links to each tut. It would take a bit of effort. Someone would have to visit each tut, grab the full page address and organize them in alphabetical order. I could take the addresses and make them links all nice and organized down the right or left side of the group. Should make things more user friendly. If anyone is willing to volunteer to grab the addresses it would make it happen fairly quick lye otherwise it has make its way up the to do list.
  • The old search was OKAY for finding TUTs, but I usually wound up weeding thru lots of posts that were not TUTs, but MENTIONED them, etc. I was/am hoping a better solution will present itself. BUT, it was sort-of functional--just time consuming :) Thanks for letting us know the progress and such!
    • Ning does have plans for a Search function. It is currently in the "in waiting" phase - which means, they will implement this as soon as other items are closed. It's the same with Chat. I plan on deploying a chat feature in the next day or two to tide us over until they get Chat working.
  • Well my plan was to add a search bar but the the one I tested doesn't function yet as Google has not archived the site yet and the providers have not provided a site map to sumit to google to speed that up. It is just a matter of time though. Ning may also come up with an in house search as they had one for the older version and there is a lot of community pressure to have it done.
  • I dunno if it is at all possible to do, but since there is construction happening now I thought it a good time to ask this.

    Is there any way to alphabetize the Tutorials so that one can search them easier?
  • Weave tutorials group page six.
  • Where did the lady bug tut go?
  • @Chad McRoberts: There is a way to paste a link to a Facebook post on your comment wall in your profile.
    The post has to be public. You can click the top right corner(on Facebook post) and get the embed code. It is fairly big as it was designed to format the whole post. Then open a comment on your wall, hit the little HTML button on the tool bar above and paste in the code. You will only get a link that will open a new page to post on FB. It will not add the images or formatting. You should be able to add text describing what the link is for.
    • Thanks Mike. But, I was actually wanting to put a permanent link to my Facebook and other pages on my profile. Like a badge or something. I haven't tried to plug a specific post but I'm guessing that won't be an issue.
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