Money can't buy happiness. It can buy maille supplies. That's pretty close.



Mike Stevenson posted a blog post
Maille state of mind.
For me a maille state of mind includes more than just sublime examples of the craft. This stunning…
13 hours ago
Mike Stevenson posted blog posts
16 hours ago
Debbie Thorvaldsen commented on Joshua Diliberto's photo
"Holy Canolie, that's cool!"
17 hours ago
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"Welcome to MWW, Dora!"
19 hours ago
Celeste McClain left a comment for Dora Krupić
"Welcome to MWW, Dora!"
19 hours ago
Joshua Diliberto posted a photo
This is a foot bag using "European Flat Expanding Sheet" design. I translated the flat expanding ro…
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"Welcome to MWW, Michelle!"
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"Welcome to MWW, Isabelle!"
Elise Korsumäki posted a photo
Elise Korsumäki left a comment for Elise Korsumäki
"Thank you :-)  I'm very interested in chainmail. Try to get pictures of my own"
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"Welcome to MWW, Kris!"
Mike Stevenson posted a blog post
Welcome to my blog.
Hello folks, welcome to my indulgence. If you ask a random person on the street what comes to mind…
Sabrina Miles left a comment for Mike Stevenson
"Thanks for the welcome~ I liek your stuff i hope you enjoy some of my uploads when i get to them :D"
Mike Stevenson left a comment for Sabrina Miles
"Welcome to MWW, Sabrina!"
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  • @Chad McRoberts: There is a way to paste a link to a Facebook post on your comment wall in your profile.
    The post has to be public. You can click the top right corner(on Facebook post) and get the embed code. It is fairly big as it was designed to format the whole post. Then open a comment on your wall, hit the little HTML button on the tool bar above and paste in the code. You will only get a link that will open a new page to post on FB. It will not add the images or formatting. You should be able to add text describing what the link is for.
  • If anyone has had some issues with this chat or other links in the site our provider has had some Java script issues that seem to be resolved.
  • Hi. I'm am unable to access the weave tutorials. Are you still working on those? Thanks.
    • What do you see, Debbie? Ning has been experiencing Java script issues.
      • Mike answered my question. I just had to rejoin the group. Thanks.
  • Yeah, I'm working on those, Chad. I have to figure out how to create the applications and then they will be available.
  • Is there a way to add twitter, Facebook, or other links on our profile page?
    • Hi Chad, I believe there will be; thanks for hanging tight until the conversion is complete! Thanks for your patience!
      • Cool! I was just curious. Thanks!!
This reply was deleted.



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